Reducing latency

Here are two tips for making your Tuple calls as fast as they can be:

1. Drop your system resolution.

More pixels == slower. 

If you want to optimize for lower latency, drop your system resolution before your call.

This tip is particularly salient if your guest has a much smaller screen than you. If you're on a 5K iMac and they're on a 12" Macbook, not only will sending that many pixels cause higher latency, but the text on your guest's side will be near-unreadable. Lose-lose.

2. Plug in (to power and Ethernet).

MacBooks sometimes throttle CPU usage when running on battery power. We're judicious about our CPU utilization, but doing a call while on battery can affect your latency.

Additionally, a wired Ethernet connection will tend to have lower ping, less packet loss, and fewer ping spikes.

Try to plug in whenever you're about to pair.

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