Preferences - Webcam

To open your preferences, click the caret to the right of your avatar at the top of the Tuple contacts directory and select it from the dropdown:

Then select the Webcam tab:

Preferred device

Which device Tuple should use by default when sharing your webcam video.


This is the resolution for webcam video shared while you are pairing. Setting the resolution will automatically change the resolution on any current and future calls.

If you have a high-speed connection and want maximum webcam quality, set this higher. If you're working with a relatively poor connection, set your preference to a lower resolution to reduce latency on the call.

When in a call:

Enable my webcam automatically

When this setting is on, Tuple will automatically share your webcam video when you join or start a call.

Show preview before sharing

If selected, Tuple will ask you to confirm a preview of your webcam before sharing. If deselected, clicking the "Share Webcam" button will share your webcam immediately.

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