Networking and Firewall Issues

Tuple needs to be able to access various resources. If you are using a VPN, or have a particularly strict firewall, Tuple may appear degraded. Please verify that Tuple has access to the following:

1. Tuple API Backend

Tuple needs to be able to access to our API for authentication and user list population. Please verify Tuple can access:


2. TURN Relay Servers

When it's not possible to obtain a peer-to-peer connection through local or public networks, Tuple uses Twilio to route media data through TURN servers. Please verify Tuple can access:

If you're having issues establishing a call, see Twilio's Networking Requirements docs and general information on the Network Traversal Service.

3. Signaling servers

Tuple uses signaling to facilitate the initiation of calls between peers and to provide availability (active/inactive/busy) status updates to clients. Please verify Tuple can access:

4. STUN servers

Tuple uses STUN to obtain a peer-to-peer connection through local or public networks. Please verify Tuple can access:


5. Background updates, Logs, Analytics, and Crash reporting

When it can, Tuple tries to do background app updates. Tuple also monitors certain events and analytics data in order to constantly improve performance. Please verify Tuple can access:


Tuple is stuck "Connecting..."

Tuple can get stuck connecting when you're using a VPN. Please verify that your VPN settings have not changed.
If you have ruled out a VPN settings change as the root cause, please:
  1. Confirm that you have latest version of Tuple.
  2. Confirm that Tuple has access to the Tuple API Backend (listed above)
  3. Restart your computer. This can fix issues with a system macOS service that can get into a bad state unrelated to Tuple.
  4. If restarting did not fix the issue, run a process sample of Tuple while the issue is happening by opening Activity Monitor, double clicking on Tuple, and clicking "Sample" in the bottom left and send that to us at
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