Interacting with a shared screen

When viewing a shared screen, you can control the interaction using the guest toolbar at the top of the viewing window.

Note: If you fullscreen this window, you can get access back by moving your cursor to the top of the screen.

Mouse Modes

Tuple supports multiple ways of using your mouse to interact with a shared screen:

Tag Team

In this mode, one person has control of the mouse at a time. The person sharing their screen starts with control. If you're viewing a shared screen, and you want to take control of the mouse, left-clicking once will take control. Only one person will have control at a time, and the mouse movements of anyone else on the call that is not currently in control won't affect the pointer. This mode is not available on 2+ person calls.

Multi Cursor

In Multi Cursor mode, all call participants will have a mouse to control.

Highlight Click

When using Highlight Click, clicks will create a pulsing indicator for a few seconds on the host's screen. Use this mode to quickly draw your partner's attention without getting too much in the way.

Paint Mode

In Paint mode, you can click and drag to draw on your partner's screen. Anything you draw will fade away automatically after a few seconds.

  • If you hold shift while you paint, you can draw a straight line.
  • You can also right-click to immediately clear all drawings. If you'd like your drawings to persist, you set "Persist paint until right-click" in your preferences.

Text Annotation

With text annotation, you can place a text field anywhere on the shared screen, and type text.

Pressing escape or enter will exit the textfield and set the text on screen. You can right-click to immediately clear all text. If you'd like your text to persist, you set "Persist paint until right-click" in your preferences.

Keyboard Modes

No Keyboard

Your keystrokes will never be sent to the host machine. Use this mode if you will be switching back and forth between viewing your partner's screen and doing your own typing elsewhere, so you don't accidentally interfere.


This mode will send all your typical keystrokes through, but with the notable exception of Cmd+Tab and Cmd+Space. Use this mode if you will be doing some typing but prefer Cmd+Tab and Cmd+Space to execute on your machine. Keystrokes will be sent as long as the viewing window is focused.

Cmd Keys (default)

Full control of the host's machine. Use fullscreen for a truly immersive experience and become the driver of the remote machine. Keystrokes will be sent as long as the viewing window is focused.

Send URL

Use this feature to send your pair a URL, which will open automatically in their browser (this can be disabled by the call initiator in their Preferences).


We have many reactions you can send while viewing a screen.

Emoji Reactions πŸ”₯

Send πŸ”₯, ❀️, πŸ‘, 🀯, πŸ‘, or πŸ€” to your pair. If you hold down the option it the menu, you'll send an emoji Tornado!

Confetti πŸŽ‰

Essential for a pairing session. When you and your pair have accomplished something truly great, send some confetti to celebrate.

Ship it 🚒 

Code looking good to go? Use this one.

Table Flip (β•―Β°β–‘Β°)β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

Legacy code got you flipping out? Send this reaction.

This is fine 🐢πŸ”₯

Everything a dumpster fire? Send this animation of KC Green's classic comic.

Stream Resolution

The initial Stream Resolution setting is based on the call initiator's preference but can be temporarily modified by the guest during a call.

If you aren't doing a lot of typing or clicking on the shared screen, you should crank this up to get the sharpest image. However, if you want very snappy responses to your keystrokes, then you can get lower latency by reducing the resolution of the video.


This will take you straight to the documentation for the Guest Toolbar.


Tuple only allows fullscreen when the macOS setting 'Displays have separate spaces' is turned on. You can find that setting in System Preferences > Mission Control:

Or in macOS 13.0+ in System Preferences > Desktop and Dock:

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