Mobbing - Observer Mode

Sometimes when pairing, you need to bring in a third set of eyes to answer a question, give a design review, or bring a new perspective. Tuple makes this easy with "Observer Mode".

When in a call, the host can call up an observer with just two clicks (the viewer on the call can't invite an observer since that would share the host's screen without approval). First, click the "Add Observer" icon:

Then, click the icon next to the person you want to invite to observe:

Observer mode limitations

We don't yet have fully-featured "Mobbing" support yet, and the existing implementation has several limitations which we hope to remove soon!

  1. There can only be one Observer, for a total of three participants.
  2. You can only add an Observer when already sharing a screen.
  3. You can't swap any of the roles while an observer is in the call.
  4. Observers can't see or send a webcam feed.
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