Sharing a webcam video

Pairing well is all about communication, and there's so much information sent through someone's facial expressions. Seeing your pair's face while working really makes you feel more connected to them.

To add a webcam video, click the "Start Webcam" icon in the popover UI:

You'll be shown a preview of your webcam's feed so you can adjust your lighting or background:

Note: this preview won't be seen by your pair, even if you're already sharing your desktop with them.

Once you click "Start Sharing", the preview disappears and your video stream will be shown to your pair. 

Here's what that window looks like:

Setting your webcam resolution preference

You can set the webcam resolution in your preferences. Setting the resolution will automatically change the resolution on any current calls.

You might need to tweak your resolution depending on your network connection. If you have a high-speed connection and want maximum webcam quality, set your preference to high. If you're working with a relatively poor connection, set your preference to medium:

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