Sharing your screen

When you'd like to start a pairing session, click the "Pair" icon to the right of one of your contact's names. That will initiate a call that your pair can pick up. Once they accept the call, you'll be sharing your screen!

Sharing part of your screen

When you'd like to share only part of your screen, you can right-click (or Control-click) on your contact's name. That will open a menu with several options:

When you select "Share Part of Screen", you'll see a dotted line indicating which part of the screen you're about to share. You can drag the handles of the rectangle to change its size, or drag the rectangle itself to move it around your screen.

If you'd like to share exactly half of your screen, these icons in the menu bar will divide your screen into equal parts.

We also provide preset sizes for some common screen aspect ratios, in case you'd like to optimize your sharing area to fit your pair's display exactly.

If you'd like to change the size of your sharing area without changing its dimensions, you can hold Shift and drag the corner handle.

When you're ready to pair, click "Share Screen"!

After your pair picks up, your screen will show the corners of the sharing area in red.

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