Preferences - General

To open your preferences, click the your avatar at the bottom left of the Tuple popover and select Settings from the dropdown:

You can also use the keyboard shortcut cmd + , . This will bring up the menu:

Screen stream resolution

This is the max resolution which is set when you are viewing another screen. Once a session is in progress, you can adjust this up or down and the preference will be updated for the beginning of the next call. If you want to have fast interactions you might want to set this lower, and if you don't need to do a lot of typing/clicking but want high quality then set it higher.

When in a call:

Persist paint until right-click

If selected, any drawings created with the paint mouse mode will persist until you right click.

Show my friends who I'm pairing with

If selected, people you and your pair both know will be able to see your call's participants in their contact list.

When sharing my screen:

Show an outline

If selected, you will see an outline on your screen of the area you are sharing when you share your screen.

Open links sent to my clipboard

This is our "Anti-Rickrolling" feature. If you don't like the fact that guests can force a URL to open on your computer, you can disable this. URLs will still be sent to your clipboard but you have to explicitly paste them into a browser to open them.


Select Light mode, Dark mode, or tell Tuple to pick up your system preferences.

Launch Tuple at login

When this feature is enabled, Tuple will automatically launch when you log into your computer after a restart or explicit logout. Note that it will not launch if your computer is merely locked or asleep.

Enable call feedback popup

When this feature is enabled, the call feedback form will show up after you conclude a Tuple call.

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