Preferences - Audio

To open your preferences, click the caret to the right of your avatar in the Tuple menu and select it from the dropdown:

Then select the Audio tab:

Input/Output Device

You can select audio devices that you want to Tuple to use for input and output, or leave it as the System Default. From here, you can see which device is in use, even when set to the default. If you explicitly set these devices here, then the device you select will always be used if it's available. You can also see which device is selected even if disconnected by looking at the text below each dropdown.

In general, we recommend that you use the System Default to avoid confusion. This is because most controls (e.g. keyboard shortcuts for volume/muting) will affect the system's default devices, which might lead to confusion if you have Tuple set to override it. However, if you have a consistent pairing setup which is different than you usual devices, or if you want to route audio through a third-party app (e.g., then setting these manually should work for you.

Play ringtones

You can disable this setting if you prefer not to hear any ringing sounds when receiving a call and rely on the popup instead.

Start muted

If you prefer to use a different service for audio during your pairing sessions, you can enable this setting to have Tuple always start calls muted.

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