Getting started - Installation

When you first sign up for Tuple, you'll be directed to our Installation Page. If you ever need to re-download the Tuple app, here's where you can find it!


macOS client Installation

After you download and open Tuple, we'll prompt you for access to your microphone, camera, screen, and accessibility tools. Clicking "Ask for Access" for each option will take you to System Preferences, where you can grant access:

Once your permissions are set up, you'll be prompted to sign in through your web browser:

Once signed in on your web browser, you'll see a dialog asking if you'd like to be redirected back to Tuple. It'll look something like this:

Open that link with the Tuple app, and you'll be signed in!

When that's done, you'll see the Tuple icon appear in the menu bar. Go ahead and click it, and you'll be able to share your screen!

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes mac permissions become misconfigured (for example when installing Tuple on a new laptop restored from a previous backup). 

If you are having trouble giving permissions to Tuple, you can try running the following commands in terminal to reset permissions:

tccutil reset All
defaults delete

Once you have run these commands, please restart Tuple before continuing.

Linux client Installation

A Beta version of the Linux client is currently available for download. 

Please see the installation guide here:

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