Using Rooms

Rooms are like persistent calls with names. They can be useful for recurring events (standups, social time, etc.) or specific teams (engineering touchbase, design reviews, leadership, etc.).

Rooms live in their own tab:

Rooms are owned collectively by the whole team, meaning:

  • Everyone in your team can see all rooms and who is in them
  • Everyone in your team can create, rename, or delete rooms

Joining a room

To enter a room, simply click on it. You can only be in a single room (or call) at once: if you enter a room while you're already in another call, you'll get prompted for a confirmation that you want to leave it.

Like any other call, rooms have a capacity of 10 participants.

Viewing and updating room info

To copy a room's link, click the dropdown menu icon in its top-right corner and select the "Copy Room Link" action. If you want to rename or delete a room, you can find those actions in the "More" submenu.

Creating a room

To create a new room, click on the + icon in the top-right corner of the app. You'll be prompted to pick a name for the room, and that's it! Note that duplicate names are not allowed: you can't create a room (or rename an existing one) with a name that's already in use.

Rooms are ordered alphabetically. If you want to enforce a custom ordering, you can use leading numbers or letters, like for instance "1. Engineering", "2. Support", and "3. Marketing".

We currently support up to 40 rooms per team.

Favoriting rooms

You can favorite rooms by selecting the "Favorite Room" action in the room's dropdown menu. Favorited rooms stay pinned to the top of the Rooms tab.

Subscribing to rooms (macOS only)

You can subscribe to rooms to get notified when your teammates are in a given room. Using the "Subscribe" submenu in the room's dropdown, you can select whether you want to show a badge on the Tuple menu bar icon, receive a push notification, or both.

We're still exploring ways to make Rooms more valuable. If you have any feedback that would make this feature more useful to your team, let us know!

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