Recording your screen

While we do not currently have built-in support for screen recording, we know how useful a recording can be! Here are some different ways to record your screen while using Tuple:

Record a pairing session


If you want the simplest screen recording solution, checkout QuickTime. Macs ship with this program pre-installed, so you can easily create a screen recording without installing separate software. For a recording with audio, make sure to select your microphone input before you hit record on a new recording, or you will end up without any audio at all :)

As a heads up, though Tuple tries very hard not to turn your computer into a fan while you’re on a call, we have had reports that QuickTime can cause lift-off after a while during longer recordings.


If you’d like to use a more advanced screen recording software, and especially if you’d like to have multiple audio inputs in your screen recording, check out ScreenFlow.

You can get a free trial which allows you to create unlimited recordings without a license, but the recordings will be watermarked.

Highlight a feature or bug for support


You can also create a screen recording using QuickTime in order to email it to our support. If you have issues with email attachment size limitation, check out other solutions below.


You can use Loom’s free tier to easily record and send our support a link to a video without having to worry about email upload size limitations.

CleanShot X

If you already have a CleanShot license, you can make use of their excellent recording functionality.  Unfortunately, they do not have a free tier at the moment.

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