Managing Team billing

If you are the Team Owner for a team with an active or trial subscription, you can access the billing portal by selecting "Manage billing on Stripe" on the team management page here:

You will see the following "Manage billing on Stripe" button:

This will take you to a Stripe billing portal page where you can make modifications to your existing subscription, and download past statements.

To add a new payment method:

If there is currently no payment method on file (if your team is in a trial), you can add a new payment method by clicking on "Add payment method":

To update the existing payment method:

In order to delete a credit card on file, you will need to add a new one first. 

You can add a new payment method by using the button mentioned above.

To cancel your subscription:

You can set your subscription to cancel at the end of the current period by selecting Cancel plan:

To update the billing email address (that receives invoices):

Update the value under BILLING INFORMATION Email:

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