Checking the connection with call stats

Under the dropdown menu next to your avatar, you'll find the call stats dashboard — great for diagnosing sources of latency!

Clicking "Call Stats" will bring up the call stats dashboard:

Frame Rate (frames per second)

This graph shows the frame rate over time which is being captured, sent, and rendered. If there is a big gap between the "FR Sent" and the "FR Output" it means that the network conditions aren't good enough to keep up and some frames are being dropped.

Network (kilobits per second)

Tuple caps the possible bandwidth usage for sending video to 10Mbps, but based on upload speed and congestion, the total "Available BW" might drop below that and limit your stream. If you see the "Transmit BR" getting close to your "Available BW" then your network capacity might be limiting the quality or frame rate which can be sent.

Codec (ms per frame)

This graph shows the amount of time it takes to capture, encode, and decode each frame of the video stream. If you are capturing a very pixel-dense screen on a machine without the fastest CPU, you may see these numbers starting to add significant latency to the system.

You can use the menu bar in the top right to access raw data, configure the call stats display, and check out our Pair Programming Guide!

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